lost letter

A few days ago, I put a letter for mailing on the kitchen counter. Of course, when I finally remembered that I had yet to mail it, I couldn’t find it. So I asked the boys if they had seen it. No, actually, I think I asked them if they had taken it.

I looked directly at Little Dude. He “mailed” one of my letters not too long ago. “Did you take my letter?”

“No,” was the quick answer but I didn’t grill him any further. Little Dude hasn’t learned to lie about taking my things, yet. And, the last and only time he did take one of my letters, he led me straight to his “mailbox”.

I then turned my attention on LittleR Dude. “Did you take my letter?”

“I put it with my treasures, mommy!” he admits.

Content with this explanation, we continued eating our breakfast.

A half an hour later, I followed my 2 1/2-year-old to the spot where he kept his treasures. He led me up the stairs to his brother’s room and opened the play kitchen oven.

“Huh?! It’s not here.” So to the bonus room above the garage we went. He opened a drawer and found what he was looking for.

“Here’s your letter, mommy!”

An honest mistake, I suppose.

“No. No. I’m looking for a paper letter in an envelope with a stamp on it,” I explained. LittleR Dude seemed confused and handed me the “Y” train.

Just then, Little Dude walked in the room, pointed to the top of the window and yells, “There’s your letter up there, mommy!”

Feeling a little defeated, I took my “Y” train, went back downstairs to finish my morning coffee.

    • Mike
    • August 3rd, 2010

    *grin* too funny

    • incognitomom
    • August 21st, 2010

    That is hysterical! Motherhood makes for some good stories, doesn’t it?

  1. LOL. They can identify letters already! Smart kids you got there. 🙂

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