in praise of yesterday

I had an exceptionally lovely day yesterday. I loved it, not because it was grand, but because it was an ordinary weekend day. Because, you see … every weekend, the hubby tries as best as he can to give me a break from the monotony/stresses of my week. I’m allowed to be lazy without guilt.

I loved yesterday because I got to experience some of my favourite things …

Sleeping in. Pancakes for breakfast. A trip to Chapters with the boys. A tall mocha. An hour and a half of alone time. The hubby’s special ribs for dinner. Catching up on my favourite TV shows.

Most of all, I loved waking up to the sound of my little guys’ voices (who were busy helping the hubby clean the family room) and being greeted with a loud chorus of “Happy Mother’s Day!” when I finally showed my bleary-eyed self downstairs. The boys were coached by the hubby, no doubt, but it was still lovely, lovely to hear.

No, yesterday wasn’t grand. But there is such loveliness in my everyday. My weekend day, made special every week by the hubby and the boys.

+ + +

me and 8-day-old Little Dude

I had meant to write a different sort of Mother’s Day post, yesterday. I found this self-portrait, taken on the 8th day of being a mom, to go along with it but didn’t get beyond uploading the photo. The hubby’s invitation for some snuggle time in front of the tube after the boys finally settled down for the night was just too hard to pass up.

A belated happy mother’s day to all the moms out there.

+ + +

This week’s i faces theme is “celebrating moms”. I did not submit an entry but I encourage you to check out all the lovely mommy photos by clicking on the button below.

  1. That sounds like a fantastic day!! Sometimes that’s all it takes to rejuvenate you 🙂 And such a precious portrait!

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