then & now

Every once in a while something on the Web will make me roar with laughter. Usually, it’s a blog post that puts me in an uncontrollable giggle fit. Recently, it’s been this week’s i faces “then and now” photo challenge.

I’ve been inspired by the 50+ entries to date and have come up with my own “then and now” of Little Dude. It’s more cute than funny. Perhaps tomorrow, if the planets align properly, I will have one of LittleR Dude, too.

age: 2 months

age: 4 years

Go check out the other entries by clicking on the button below and give in to a good hearty belly laugh or two.

  1. that is TOO cute!!

  2. I just found your blog after you found mine. I just love your writing. It is so .. personal, witty, funny and emotional all in one. I guess not all people have had to deal with ‘morons’ in their life in regards to nationality, but I guess we all have in regards to size, gender or even $$$’s. From your post it seems you were quite hurt and i think you should type out your preferred response (ie; the one without the kids hearing) and put it in his letterbox. What a jerk@! Anyway, love your informal piccies so now about to head to your photography blog .. can I keep coming back and reading your great words? Have a great mother’s day. (-: Linda

  3. I love the poetic contrast of these two pictures. 🙂

  1. May 6th, 2010

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