our everyday

Shutter Sisters’ OWP word for May is everyday. For my boys, everyday involves some form of playing, as well as reading, which translates to a whole lot of toys and books strewn around everywhere. Everyday clutter that doesn’t necessarily get put away everyday. Everyday objects declaring to the world (or at least those people who dare visit our home) that there are young children living in this house.

I love this photo, not only because I’ve captured an intimate moment between the hubby and the boys, but because it shows how we live everyday. The train set above their heads … an evolving work-in-progress project for the boys. The baby quilt on the left … my attempt to keep the snotty noses and drool off the sofa. The crumpled change mat near the hubby’s feet and the white storage unit housing LittleR Dude’s diapers and wipes, as well as the boys’ books and toys.

The photo is simply us, everyday.

+ + + + +

I couldn’t help but also share this photo taken before the one above. I had just bought a book called The World’s Greatest Poem and the hubby decided to read it while lying down on the floor. Little Dude followed suit, plopping himself on top of the hubby. Then LittleR Dude, after a brief struggle, managed to lie on top of his older brother. This three-tiered human tower unfortunately didn’t last very long. Or rather, it took me awhile to compose myself before I remembered to get my camera. And, as life would have it, my speedlight flash batteries died a horrible death after only a couple of snaps. I managed to salvage this badly exposed shot of the trio.

The 1st photo was taken with my point & shoot.

  1. Beauty in the everyday! Wonderful shots…I love seeing our daughter enjoy ‘daddy-time’, so sweet 🙂

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