happy place

Nose bleed blood splatter reminiscent of a scene from a CSI episode wiped down. Pee stench emanating from the main floor toilet and vicinity partially removed. Four-year-old’s pants dripping with pee changed. These moments define my past hour.

The hubby is out-of-town again so I turn to photography (and coffee) to take me to a happy place.

Ahhhh. I feel better.

  1. Great pic- love the sparkles on the water.

    Quick question- are you closing comments on your posts for a reason? I sometimes don’t get your feed until a few days after you’ve posted- today, for example, I got four ‘hood posts at the same time, but I can’t comment since they’re closed! Help?

    • I’m just getting used to the WordPress platform and its default settings. I just unclicked the “close comments after 14 days” box … I’m hoping that will fix the issue.

  2. Wow… great photo.. i really love it

  3. Fantastic shot!!

    My husband travels a lot on business…strange how the ‘snit’ always seems to hit the fan only minutes after his plane takes off?!?!!? Photography and coffee…life savers 😉

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