looking forward

As the boys get closer to being school-aged, I find myself thinking how much I’m looking forward to a routine of alone-time … an elusive occurence that I seem to chase after almost daily. Shopping. Eating. Going to the bathroom. Reading. Surfing the Web. Soon (1 year and 5 months from now, to be exact), I will enjoy a 6-hour window when I can engage in these ordinary activities without a child underfoot, demanding for my attention.

Today, the hubby and I resorted to chaperone tag and took turns minding the boys while the other looked through the clothing and book racks. It was a far cry from our pre-baby days when we shopped and walked the aisles at a leisurely pace.

As I watched the boys turn one of the clothing racks into a fort, I’m reminded once again of how childhood/youth/life is fleeting. No longer bound to a stroller, the boys walk around freely. How fast they’re grown. And, I think to myself, for all the times I’ve thought that the future cannot arrive fast enough, I’ve spent an equal amount of time reminiscing about the days gone by.

In truth, the boys will always be the centre of my world. My hope is that this world will one day make a little more room for me.

    • ck
    • April 13th, 2010

    This post, these words and the photographs are perfect. I feel exactly the same way, yet haven’t been able to find the right way to express it. Now I don’t have to.

    Thank you!

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