remembering – august 23, 2008

This post begins with an old photograph.

I’ve been sifting through my digital collection, particularly those taken with my blackberry. For all its convenience, cell phone photography has produced many mementos of special moments with the boys … mementos soon forgotten … often times, forgotten the second I took the picture.

Today, I smiled at each rediscovery. And for many images, it seemed I was seeing them for the first time … like this photograph of Little Dude surrounded by bubbles. Eyes laughing. Thrilled beyond belief. So much so that he appears to be biting his arm, perhaps, in an attempt to contain his excitement.

Today, as I look at this image, I’m reminded of how much my little boy has grown. Then 2 1/2 and playful. Now 4 and trying, more than ever, to assert his independence. His attempts, at times, are way more aggressive and forceful than I would like.

Yet, he remains a little boy. My Little Dude. Bubbles still excite him. His eyes still sparkle with overjoy. Making my heart melt with tenderness. And for a moment, the struggles of the day are forgotten.

  1. I love the colors of the bubbles!!

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