about underpants

Dear Kids Gap Designers,

I really like your clothes. Last year, when my mom gave me some underpants with cool pictures on them, I was really excited. I asked her to take my diaper off so that I could put them on right away. But then she put them on the wrong way and I couldn’t see the pictures. I didn’t like that at all.

I’m happy to tell you that I’m now potty trained … even though, sometimes, I still have accidents especially when there’s a good show on tv. I love my gap underpants so much. Here’s a couple of pictures of me in my yellow pair.

Little Dude

* * * * *

Dear Kids Gap Designers,

None of you must have kids. If you did, you’d know that putting the “cool pictures” on the back of kids’ underpants is a bad, BAD idea. My 4-year-old son refuses to wear his unless he can see the “cool pictures” so now he’s walking around with the pee-pee hole on his behind. This is fine for now but when he starts JK in the fall, it might be a different story.

I lived through the 80s and wore my sweatshirts inside-out like all the other wannabe-Flash Dancers. Somehow, I doubt very much that the backward-underpants look will catch on with the other Kindergarten boys. Not to bring my son down or anything but I really don’t see him being the next underwear trendsetter. Marky Mark he is not. Dorky Mark, possibly.

So please, I beg you. Please sell kids underpants with “cool pictures” on the front.

Little Dude’s Mom

  1. lol, that IS kind of strange that they would print the cool-pictures on the back?! We’re working on potty training our daughter…she’s been doing really well, but as you said…a good tv show or playing out in the yard tends to cause some problems!!

    • Smukke
    • March 22nd, 2010

    This posting reminded me of Kriss Kross, and their habit of wearing their pants backwards… 😉

    • LOL. I had to google “Kriss Kross” as I was sure you didn’t mean Christopher Cross of “Sailing” fame. Too funny.

    • Jen
    • March 30th, 2010

    This made me laugh alot. Thanks for brightening a rainy Pennsylvania day.

  2. Come ON, Gap people…use the noggin!

    And the pictures are EVERYTHING!! I am totally convinced that they potty-trained my daughter in a day.

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