photographing the everyday

About the same time last year, I wrote a post justifying my blog … my need to write down my experiences raising two boys, not in a private journal, but using a public online medium. Today, I’m not as insecure. Blogging has been incredibly therapeutic this past year. I’m grateful for the outlet as well as the support from mom bloggers. But these days I find myself documenting my tales of motherhood more through photographs.

The joy of motherhood. The chaos. The everyday. Photographs seem to capture them much more vividly than I ever could in words. Sites like Shutter Sisters and Vision and Verb inspire me.

The boys are growing up fast. They are no longer babies. I look at old photos and am surprised at how much I’ve forgotten. Old photographs transport me back to times when they were more fragile. Less mobile. I can almost smell their sweet baby smell again. And feel the soft spot on their head. Hear them gurgle in their sleep.

I don’t want to completely forget. So I take photographs. And, sometimes, I write.

Even as I curse stepping on yet another die-cast car or having to navigate around the wooden train tracks in the family room, I know that one day I will look at the photographs of these everyday objects … evidence … of motherhood and become nostalgic for the days when life was simpler. Easier.

There is a lot of madness in motherhood. And tears. But what will resonate the most in the photographs already (and not yet) taken will be my boys’ laughter. And the quiet innocence that can only come from a child.

Little Dude leaning over his highchair

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